Domaine Costa Lazaridi

Our Estate, the life’s work of Costas Lazaridis, writes since 1992,
its own page in our country’s wine making tradition

Community of Adriani, Drama. There surounded by the mountains Falakro, Menikio and Pangeon lies our land.

A blessed land, which as testified by archaeological research, has inspired since Neolithic times the art of vine cultivation. So, it is no coincidence, that in antiquity the land of Idones, as was the name at the time, was one of the most important centers of Dionysian worship. It is also no coincidence, that today the precious tradition of this blessed land is kept alive and enriched by Domaine Costa Lazaridi.

In 15.000 sq.m. which include a model winery, distillery, underground ageing cellars and areas for the reception of visitors, our Estate, the life’s work of Costas Lazaridis, writes since 1992, its own page in our country’s wine making tradition.


In our model linear vineyard which today reaches 180 hectares we cultivate the most well known Greek and international varieties. The generous soil, the ideal microclimate and the respect we attribute to them by maintaining low yields, give birth to the fine grapes we use for our wines and spirits.


Our winery has to show the most modern equipment available today: fully equipped chemical laboratory, pneumatic presses, stainless steel tanks for vinification and storage with automated temperature control, bottling machines and the necessary air-conditioned underground cellars and storage facilities.


Among the facilities there is a distillery with probably the most modern set of alembics in the country. There we distil the finest grape varieties and produce our tsipouro (Greek grappa) and grape distillates that promote our tradition around the world.


In our barrel cellar our wines spend their time in 225 liter oak barrels. Later in the bottle, in specially designed cells, they will remain under specific conditions of temperature and humidity to reach through ageing the peak of maturity and taste.

Domaine Costa Lazaridi

Adriani, Drama, 661 00, PO Box 157
Τel: +30 25210 82 231
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Fax: +30 25210 82 320

Visiting Hours:
Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 15:30