Mouseio Oinou Costa Lazaridi Episkepsi

The array of exhibits, dating as far back as the 17th Century AD, combined with specially designed audiovisual support materials, offer visitors the opportunity to interactively discover the history of vine cultivation as well as wine distillation and balsamic vinegar production.

Mouseio Oinou Costa Lazaridi Episkepsi
Mouseio Oinou Costa Lazaridi Episkepsi
Domaine Costa Lazaridi-Museum-Episkepsi

Ground Floor - Reception

1st Level

In the reception area of Oenotria Land, visitors are welcomed and introduced to the family owned and operated Costa Lazaridi viticulture and business activities and the Domaine’s course over the years with an inviting and on point prelude to the upcoming Wine Museum tour.

Domaine Costa Lazaridi Mouseio Oinou
Domaine Costa Lazaridi Mouseio Oinou
Domaine Costa Lazaridi Mouseio Oinou
Domaine Costa Lazaridi Mouseio Oinou
Domaine Costa Lazaridi Mouseio Oinou apostaxi
Mouseio Oinou Costa Lazaridi Ekdiloseis
Mouseio Oinou Costa Lazaridi Ekdiloseis


Wine History

Information with pictures, objects and maps regarding the historic origins of vine from the ancient times until today. The vine and wine symbolic role in History, Culture and Economy as well as Greece’s place in the global wine map.

Factors affecting wine

In this section, visitors can learn about the various factors that affect the vineyard and wine, such as the land and soil (terroir), the weather conditions, possible vine diseases and cultivation methods.

 4 seasons in the vine

A presentation of the various programmed activities in vine cultivation and the care that the vineyard requires throughout a year in order to reach a full and satisfactory harvest.


Comprehensive description and in-depth analysis of the different vinification methods for white, rose and red wines.


In a specially designed room, visitors can learn about the history of distilling and view the whole process through working miniature distillers and live demonstration. Exhibits represent distillers from the Alchemist era back to Ancient Greece.

 Balsamic Vinegar

In the Aceto Room you will be familiarized with the production process of balsamic vinegar made through the traditional recipe of Modena. You will have the chance to try balsamic vinegar in various aging phases’ right from the barrels in the room.

 Amethystos and Colors Room

A presentation of our different wine “families”, their history and symbolism of names and etiquettes, as well as future plans for new products.


2nd Level - Sections


Here visitors can learn about the manufacturing process and use of barrels – important in wine making, in a room specially designed as a small barrel factory.

The Cork

Information regarding the cork tree and a presentation and description of different types of corks. Visitors can get to see and touch a real cork tree and corks in different forms and stages of process. Do not miss one of the very few live cork trees in Greece at the Wine Museum’s entrance.

Wine Trade

The Olkad, a vessel used for shipping wine in Ancient Greece takes everyone to a mental trip in the past to learn all about the wine trade in the ages of Ulysses and Socrates and the governing rules that were used to distinct wines according to their place or country of origin.

Wine Openers

A wide variety of different types of wine openers, sorted by time, use, personal taste and even hidden meanings and secrets.

The tour is interactive with all exhibits supported by audiovisual material and specially designed pictures and signs to facilitate information and knowledge flow.
Domaine Costa Lazaridi Mouseio Oinou varelopoiia
Domaine Costa Lazaridi Mouseio Oinou fellos
Domaine Costa Lazaridi Mouseio Oinou anoixtiria



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