A wonderfully designed hall equipped with a fireplace, bar, reception and a dinner terrace, with a magnificent view to the forest and green hillside scenery forms a warm and inviting atmosphere that oozes luxury.


Pool, Amphitheatre

Especially for summer-time events (May-October), the outside area equipped with a Pool, a Bar, a BBQ and a specially designed Amphitheatre with a view to the majestic natural scenery is the ideal choice for any event of up to 2000 attendants. For alfresco theatrical or musical performances, our amphitheatre can seat up to 400 persons.



The ideal hall for companies aiming to offer a special day for executives, clients or associates, combining work and pleasure. A day at Oenotria Land using Adriani and the luxurious environment for corporate presentations or exhibitions, a wine tasting or a gala dinner will make a lasting impression.

We are confident that we can live up to the highest corporate expectations! Two rooms with a total size of 750 m2; with a separate entrance; natural light (with obfuscation option); auxiliary areas; lounge area with fireplace; reception for registrations and PA; dressing room; accompanying areas for break and lunch (indoors, garden, or terrace).


Wine Museum - Methexis

An octagon-shaped hall found at the imposing stone-built underground floor of the Costa Lazaridi Wine Museum, invites all wine-lovers to experience a wine-tasting initiation with the fine wines of our Domaine. This hall is also suitable for professional meetings, corporate workshops, or even fashion exhibitions and parties.

A selection of the Domaine’s older vintages in barrels surround the hall, along with our collection of unique hand-painted magnum and double-magnum bottles.



Right next to the Oenotria Land cellars, suitable for any social or corporate event we find a unique 200 m2 hall, decorated with various art pieces and the element of stone in prominence. Suggested for the winter time, as this hall emits a warm and inviting atmosphere.

“Kiones” also has a foyer equipped with leather sofas and is within the VIP trilogy halls next to the “VIP Cigar Room” and “Mystagogia”.


VIP Cigar Room

Deep within the estate’s cellar, where the Domaine Costa Lazaridi red wines age inside French-oak barrels, lies the VIP Cigar Room with an inviting stone fireplace. Luxurious and majestic the VIP Cigar room promises an indulging experience for all cigar, distillate and espresso lovers. A menu degustation for 6-8 people can also be offered using the hand carved wooden table and leather chairs.



Lose yourself in the warm and indulging atmosphere! A mystical hall, rich in art and stone, where you can enjoy an atmospheric meal and relax in its foyer with the luxurious leather sofas. The hall is within the VIP trilogy halls next to the “VIP Cigar Room” and “Kiones”.



Oenotria Land has its own chapel carrying the names of Saints Constantinos & Eleni, suitable for wedding ceremonies and christenings.

The ceremonies can take place either inside the chapel (with a capacity of up to 70 seated persons), or in using its outside area.