An exceptional creation

Amethystos Red, Amethystos Cava and Chateau Julia Merlot in unique Magnum bottles. Five painters from the region Yannis Nanos, Panos Vafeiadis, Constantinos Kerestetzis, Diana Papadopoulou and Vasilis Sofianidis submit their talent and love for wine creating a unique work of art on every bottle, turning it into a collectors’ item.


Yannis Nanos

Yannis Nanos comes from the city of Drama where he was born in 1948. He studied at the Architectural School of the National Metsovion Polytechneion in Athens and at the same time started painting deeply influenced by the surrealist painter Nicos Egonopoulos.

The Polytechneion was the ground of his artistic and later his professional activity where he takes part even from the first years of his study as an associate architect in architectural competitions and studies.

With his thesis “Architectural Predesign” receives the degree of Architect Engineer in 1973 and the first award of the Greek Architectural Association. The Eypalinos company houses from then on the architectural activity of Yannis Nanos with a multitude of buildings both in Greece and abroab. At the time he is also artistically active with personal and group exhibitions in galleries in Athens and Thessaloniki with good reviews from Eleni Vakalo and distinctions in Art Arcade 13 Gallery and the Hellenic American Union. In 1980 settles in Drama and meets Costa Lazaridi and begins a long cooperation which continues to this day.

Architect and artistic advisor to Domaine Costa Lazaridi SA takes part since 1989 with his work in the founding, establishment and vision of the company. Architecture and painting were never the double identity of Yannis Nanos but rather the unified activity of two ways of expression.

Architecture was in me as was the passion for painting since I was born


Constantinos Keretsetzis

Born in 1969 in Adriani Drama he took his first lessons from Costas Meimaroglou and later from Costis Papatriantafillopoulos. From 1989 until 1994 he studied at the Higher School of Arts in Athens, the workshop of Chronis Mpotsoglou and studied engraving with Thanasis Exarchopoulos.

From 1993 until 1998 he was in Spain studing Spanish painting at the Prado Museum in Madrid. He lives and works in Athens.

Group Exhibitions

  • 1986 Group NELE Munisipality of Thessaloniki
  • 1990 Artists Building, Athens
  • 1994 Senior Students Exhibition HSAA, National Gallery, Athens
  • 1995 «9 Greek Artists in Spain» Greek Embassy Madrid
  • 1997 Ersi’s Gallery Athens
  • 2000 «Tin Cans 2000» Lithografeio on Pireos Street, Athens
  • 2001 ΕΕΤΕ, Technopolis, Gazi, Athens
  • 2001 Frisiras Museum, Athens
  • 2001 Expression – Gianna Grammatopoulou, Athens
  • 2001 “In our Neighborhood”, “regarding Arts” Athens
  • 2002 “Greek Painters”, Christos Christophis Collection, Athens

Personal Exhibitions

  • 1992 Art Gallery 24, Athens
  • 1996 Arts Hall, School of the Arts, Toledo Spain
  • 1997 Art Gallery 24, Athens
  • 2000 Art Gallery 24, Athens
  • 2000 Military Club. Kos
  • 2002 Gavra Gallery, Athens
  • 2005 Gavra Gallery, Athens


Panos Vafeiadis

Panos Vafeiadis was born in 1946 in Drama. Growing up full of sensitivities, questions and a will to express his inner world, started painting since he was sixteen. His talent and artistic tendency, had already been revealed since primary school. He started, at a very young age, drawing cinema posters.

His talent combined with the experience he attains by working on all forms of painting, lead very soon to his completion as an artist.

Until today he has taken part in 20 exhibitions, 17 personal and 3 group, in Greece and abroad. His work has been exhibited in Paris (1978), Brussels (1979-1980-1981) and London (1979), with very flattering comments from well know art critics both from Greece and abroad. A lot of his work is now part of several private collections and are exhibited in many galleries.

The subjects of Panos Vafeiadis are mainly landscapes, the nature of Greece and its traditions. He specialises however in portraits (paintings, sketches and caricatures).


Diana Koulaksizi-Papadopoulou

Born in Douala, Cameroon by Greek parents descended from Pontos, Cyprus and Izmir. Spent her early childhood in Africa and finished school in France.

Returning to Greece she studied fashion design under Yannis Tsopanelis. She learned the art of copper engraving under the guidance of mosaicist Christos Charmousis. Being sensitive to anything creative and artistic she worked a few years as a fashion designer and as an interior decorator.

Her great passion is painting, through which she expressed herself from an early age, pencil, ink, watercolor, oil and acrylic. She lives in Drama with the man of her life Giorgos Papadopoulos – who urges and inspires her artistic explorations – and her only daughter.

Creating these bottles was a challenge for me and I worked on each one with great enthusiasm so you can enjoy beautiful art with this beautiful wine. I want to thank Costas and Julia Lazaridi for entrusting me with the creation of these collectors’ pieces!


Vassilios Sofianidis

Vassilis Sofianidis was born in Serres. He studied freehand drawing, painting and hagiography under Christoforos Mellidis painter and architect (twice awarded by the Athenian Academy), Evangelos Kokolios, hagiographer and Georgios Moutsatsos painter in Chios. Since 1991 he serves as an officer in the Greek Armed Forces.

Painting is his passion and his themes vary. He has devoted the last three years to the representation of horses using the technique of photorealistic painting.

His work is tribute to the free spirit of horses, their calm strength and endurance, their fighting spirit, camaraderie and nobility.

Exhibitions & Distinctions

  • 1st Award in Greek painting competition 1984
  • Participation in the IALHA competition (Andalusian horse) 2015 &2016
  • Participation in the Equus Film Festival New York 2015
  • Participation in the MON ART FESTIVAL, Kavala, June
  • 1οPainting Award in the Equus Film Festival New York 2016
  • Participation in a group exhibitions of 30 artists (chosen between 500 application from all over the world) in Amarillo, Texas (AQHA Museum & Hall of Fame, August 2016)
  • Participation in group exhibitions in Athens
  • Article about his work in “Gallop” Magazine 2015.



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 Behind a good wine there is always a good story.